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(RC06) Political sociology
RC06 — The Concept of Populism in the Analysis of Political Phenomena: From Latin America to Europe
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The Theory and Practice of Populism: From Latin America to Europe
Although the concept of populism is widely used both in contemporary political science and in democratic political competition, the truth is that there a lot of controversy in both defining the concept and in operationalizing it for political research. Moreover, the political fights around populism also contribute to the problems in defining and operationalizing it. Additionally, both its definitions and operationalizations and the realities encompassed by it are pretty diverse across time (see for example the old and new populisms in Latin America) and space (see for example Latin America versus Europe). Thus, the first objective of the present (review) article is to furnish a comprehensive review of the conceptualizations and operationalizations of populism across time, space (Latin American and Europe) and ideological positioning across the political spectrum (namely leftwing/progressive versus rightwing/conservative perspectives). Finally, the existing reviews about this subject are a bit outdated: for example, in Europe the concept was usually used to classify (radical) rightwing parties, and only recently (with phenomena like Podemos, in Spain, or Syriza, in Greece) it begun to be applied to (radical) leftwing parties. Thus, our second objective is to update existing reviews about the concept, operationalizations and empirical applications of populism to encompass new political phenomena both in Latin America and Europe.
Andre Freire
Instituto universitario de Lisboa, Portugal
Luis Antonio Fretes Carreras
Instituto universitario de Lisboa, Paraguay
Marcelo Moriconi Bezerra
Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, Portugal
Mayra Silva
Instituto universitario de Lisboa, Brazil
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