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(RC06) Political sociology
RC06 — The Concept of Populism in the Analysis of Political Phenomena: From Latin America to Europe
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The Populist Connection: Investigating the Elective Affinities Between SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks
For many international observers, one of the most surprising facts about the January 2015 election in Greece had been Alexis Tsipras’s rapid choice of coalition partner following his electoral victory, a choice repeated in the second election of the same year 8 months later. The fact that SYRIZA, a party of the new left, chose to coalesce with the nationalist and xenophobic right-wing Independent Greeks (ANEL) can only be partially explained by the shared rejection of the Troika-imposed austerity, especially at a time when the two partners have signed and voted in parliament a third Memorandum of Understanding between Greece and its lenders. Even though the two parties are located at different ends of ideological spectrum on social and cultural issues, the economic crisis has facilitated the development of populist discourses, both on the left and the right, that permit their two primary exponents, SYRIZA and ANEL, to be presented as natural allies to their respective voters. In this paper, we trace the development, cross-fertilization and convergence of the two types of populism in Greece and situate them within the broader discussion about the ideological and regional variants of populism.
Emmanouil Tsatsanis
Instituto universitario de Lisboa, Portugal
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