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(RC43) Religion and Politics
RC43 — Contemporary Middle East from the Perspective of Religion and Politics
Determinants of Attitudes Toward the Palestinian Governments
Infighting between Fatah and Hamas deteriorated and left large scar on the Palestinian society after failure of the coalition negotiations because of the election result of the Legislative Council in 2006. Despite much produced knowledge of Palestinian politics in the first decade of the millennium, we know little about the determinants of Palestinian attitudes toward the divided governments in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Fatah government increased in popularity because of submitting request for UN recognition of the Palestinian statehood. The Hamas government had lost because of mismanagement but won much support from the electorate by success of prisoner swap deal with Israel. However, the evaluation of government does not depend on only a temporary event. We provide an account of research on the Palestinian attitudes toward the divided governments based on an original survey data conduced in the summer of 2011. The presentation will shed light on their attitudes and make clear the effects of individual socio-demographic factors and regional context factors in the occupied Palestine.
Shingo Hamanaka
Yamagata University, Japan
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